Discussion Guide for The Kill Box

In The Kill Box, Jamie Sinclair faces a blast from the past...and that's just the start of the story.  Share this discussion guide with your book group, writers group, or your students, and see what they have to say about conflict, characterization, and the challenges Jamie encounters. Plus, invite Nic to your event or set up a skype session with the author herself. Nichole loves to discuss the writing process and the Jamie Sinclair series with readers, writers, and students.

1. Sometimes, a novel’s setting is so important to the story, it’s almost like a character in and of itself. With that in mind, consider that The Kill Box takes place almost exclusively in the small town of Fallowfield, New York. How does this setting play a role in the novel?

2. Between solving the cold case, Barrett’s past, or another aspect of the story, what is the biggest obstacle Jamie must overcome in this novel? Does she overcome that obstacle? What aspects of her character help or hinder her?

3. What is the theme of The Kill Box?

4. Choose your favorite line of dialogue from The Kill Box. Why is this line your favorite? What does this line indicate about the characters in the conversation? What does it eventually indicate about the plot?

5. Consider Sheriff Luke Rittenhaus, Special Agent Marc Sandoval, Charlotte and Calvin Mead, Vance McCabe, Adam and Miranda Barrett, any other character who comes to mind, and Jamie herself. Which characters are stuck in the past? Which are living exclusively in the present? Which are able to embrace the future? Why?

6. In The Kill Box, violence against Pamela, Kayley, Eric and Vance is not shown on the page, but happens “off-stage” or before Jamie arrives on the scene. How does this technique of not showing the violence as it occurs impact the storytelling?

7. Jealousy plays a major role in The Kill Box. A number of characters wrestle with jealousy throughout the novel. What does the object of each character’s jealousy say about them? How does their jealousy put them on a collision course with each other?

8. Secondary characters can add so much. Which secondary character stands out in your mind? How does this character add to the story? What makes him or her memorable to you?

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