Discussion Guide for The Kill Shot

From page one until done, there's so much to talk about after reading The Kill Shot, and this discussion guide can get the conversation started at your book club, writers group, or in your classroom. You can even host a chat with the author herself. Nichole loves to talk to readers, writers, and students about writing and the Jamie Sinclair novels in person or via skype.

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1. Jamie faces global challenges as well as personal ones in The Kill Shot. Which kind is the biggest challenge Jamie must overcome in this novel?

2. What is the theme of The Kill Shot?

3. Compare the first half of The Kill Shot, which takes place primarily in Great Britain, and the second half, which takes place in the American Desert Southwest. How do these settings play a role in this novel?

4. Throughout most of The Kill Shot, Jamie faces uncertainty and betrayal. As her impressions of various characters altered, and her belief in who to trust changed throughout the novel, did yours? What dialogue, details, or scenes led you to trust or distrust certain characters?

5. In The Kill Shot, as in life, some characters grow and change to become better people, while others don’t. Which character grew and changed the most? Which one changed the least? Which character(s) could have grown, but resisted change?

6. Is there a character with which you identify closely? If so, with whom, how, and why?

7. What does it mean to be a villain? Is there a villain in The Kill Shot? Who is it? Is this character truly a villain or just doing his/her best in negative circumstances?

8. At the end of The Kill Shot, Adam Barrett tells Jamie she can mourn the loss of those who died, but she shouldn’t blame herself for their deaths. Is Jamie responsible?

9. The Kill Shot could be shelved as Mystery, Thriller, Spy Fiction, Detective Fiction, or Romantic Suspense. What are the hallmarks of those genres? What aspects of the story could put The Kill Shot in various categories?

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