Discussion Guide for The Kill Wire...

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1. As the The Kill Wire begins, we learn DEA Special Agent Marc Sandoval has been keeping a secret from Jamie. However, as the novel progresses, we learn other characters, including Jamie herself, have been keeping secrets of their own. From whom does Jamie keep her secrets? Why? Was her secret-keeping necessary?

2. Throughout the story, Marc is determined to shield Cody from the ugly truth about his mother. Which characters does Jamie shield? When? How? Why?

3. In many ways, as Elena is on the run across several states, Jamie is on the run, literally and figuratively, too. Why does Jamie run? What is she trying to avoid? Is she successful in avoiding this?

4. Secondary characters can add so much to a story. Which secondary character from The Kill Wire stands out in your mind? How does this character add to the story? What makes him or her memorable to you?

5. Jamie notes that her client, Wendy, has a knack for finding "all the good in what appeared to be bad." What other characters in The Kill Wire have this ability? Does Jamie? Which scenes support your answers?

6. At one point in the story, Marc tells Jamie, "You always do the right thing, babe." Of course, Jamie doesn't quite agree with him. Which characters "do the right thing"? Does Elena? Does Barrett? What about Marc? Does Jamie do the right thing? Do you and I? Why or why not?

7. Cody loves Curious George and his map. In one scene, Jamie traces a make-believe map in the little boy's palms. Later, the memory of that map helps Cody find his way. What scenes in The Kill Wire help Jamie find her way?

8. From the Bronte sisters and beyond, some novelists have allowed the weather to tell part of the story. What happens in The Kill Wire as the setting moves from spring in the District of Columbia, to winter out west, and then warmer weather down south? Do the characters' attitudes and actions change?

9. What is the theme of The Kill Wire?

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