Did you know?

Fact #2... The Kill Chain is certainly a work of fiction, but the campus of Stellar Unlimited is based on a very real compound with very real laboratories where Nic was recently invited on a private tour.

Fact #41... The shops just past the back gate of The Kill Sign's fictional Fort Donovan are in fact real, they exist outside an actual military installation, and they really deliver on their promises of "live lingerie models."

Fact #153... CubeSats, the small satellites described in The Kill Chain, do exist and are in production currently. However, Nichole may have exaggerated their appearance and capabilities for fiction's sake.

Fact #33... The Kill Wire begins in one of Nichole's favorite Washington, DC locations, the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Nic often drops in when she has a free afternoon. If you see her there, say hello.

Fact #88... The chef to the Ambassador of Japan taught Nic how to make sushi.

Fact #212... As a newly-married military spouse, Nic lived on a military installation along Mississippi's Gulf Coast, just like the one in The Kill Sign.

Fact #64... The African elephant featured in The Kill Wire, and since 1959, the rotunda of the National Natural History Museum, is fondly nicknamed Henry.

Fact #136... The old apple tree topping the ridge behind the Barrett orchard in The Kill Box is based on an ancient tree from Nic’s childhood. It’s still standing and five generations of her family have held celebrations under it.

Fact #205... As a grad student at Georgetown University, Nichole studied Detective Fiction. It was one of her favorite subjects.

Fact #59... While Fort Leeds in The Kill List is a fictional military installation in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, it was Nic’s encounter at a similar base with soldiers headed overseas, and the widows of those who didn’t return, which inspired many scenes in the novel.

Fact #197... Nichole has sipped champagne at the birthday party of the King of Thailand.

Fact #28... Nic often listens to music when she writes, including recordings from the Big Band Era. A couple of her favorite numbers are “On the Sunny Side of the Street” and “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.”

Fact #71... As a kid, Nichole was fascinated by the movie Clue. Based on the popular board game, its star-studded cast includes Tim Curry, Leslie Anne Warren, and Michael McKean, and features three different endings. Now as a grown-up, Nic watches it every year.

Fact #204... In The Kill Shot, Jamie eats at a bar-b-que joint in the Desert Southwest, which is very much like the one Nic loves to visit when she’s out west.