Meet Jamie Sinclair

To kick off the launch of The Kill List, the first book in the Jamie Sinclair Series, I imagined sitting down for an interview with the story's star, Jamie Sinclair. Over a cup of piping-hot coffee and a sticky sweet treat from an M Street patisserie in Georgetown, a buzzing community within Washington, DC that's as old as the nation itself, our conversation might go something like this:

Nichole Christoff: Jamie, like a long list of Mystery, Thriller, and Romantic Suspense protagonists, you're a private eye. But your business card also says you're a "security specialist." What comes along with that job description?

Jamie Sinclair: I'm glad you asked, Nic. I serve high-risk, high-profile clients who call me when their safety is on the line--and calling the police isn't an option.

NC: Wow! You mean like that big city mayor who ran for president a few years ago? Or that sports star who's in all those underwear ads?

JS: I really can't comment on the identities of individual clients. But you've got the right idea.

NC: Well, in The Kill List, you tangle with a TV news anchor's stalker before your ex-husband claims he needs a security specialist when his little girl is kidnapped. To help him, you return to the army post where you were raised by your tough-as-nails father. Why on earth did you decide to take this case?

JS: I'd have been happy if I never saw my ex again. But this child's in danger and it's not her fault her father's a jack--I mean, a crumb. Besides, her disappearance hits a little too close to home--and the secret reason my marriage fell apart.

NC: In the course of your investigation, you meet the fictional military police commander at the post, Lieutenant Colonel Adam Barrett. The two of you make quite a pair. He certainly makes it clear he thinks the world of you!

JS: No comment, Nic.

NC: Okay, okay. To keep this interview rolling along, I'm going to steal--ahem!--borrow a question my critique partners came up with. Johnny Lee Miller, Robert Downey Jr, or Benedict Cumberbatch?

JS: Cumberbatch. Definitely.

NC: Hmmm... Back to Adam Barrett... Will you be seeing more of him in the future?

JS: You tell me. You're the author.

NC: I'll rephrase the question. Do you want to see more of him in the future?

JS: *blushing* I, uh... well... hey, isn't my sequel coming soon from Random House?

NC: That's true! Catch Jamie, and another familiar character, in each novel of the ongoing Jamie Sinclair Series, available everywhere ebooks are sold. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen!